Casmatic CMW424 Wrapper

id U0117

Casmatic CMW424 Wrapper

The Casmatic CMW424 multi-roll wrapper is an extremely flexible machine capable of wrapping formats of bathroom tissue or household towel with one to four lanes wide and on one or two layers. One of the most widely sold machines in our history, the Casmatic CMW424 is known for producing high quality packages at high speeds with superior reliability. Easy format change procedures make the job of changing formats very simple for the operator.

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General information

Production year




Operation status

Not in production



Technical details

Optional/Upgrades installed

Handles applicator

Electrical platform

Obsolete Indramat platform

Packaging product formats

Wrapper Infeed automatic from 2-3-4 lanes:
Pack width: 180-560mm
Pack length. 95-560 mm

Speed/production rate

Max. mechanical speed 175 strokes/min

Additional Information

Optional/Upgrades available for installation
  • TIP New electrical cabinet
  • TIP Obsolete valve pack replacement
  • TIP Universal folders
  • TIP Bio pack
  • TIP Quick blade change
  • TIP Overhead dual servomotor
  • TIP New lower sealer

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Casmatic CMW424 Wrapper

Casmatic CMW424 Wrapper

id U0117